How to use

How to use Shiazo?

SHIAZO is available in more than 40 flavours. For self-moistening with flavoured molasses a dry, pure version
is also on the market. With a grain size of 5 to 9 mm, SHIAZO is suitable for every shisha as well as each type
of bowl. Besides the convenient usage and the health benefits there are many more advantages of using
SHIAZO as an alternative for tobacco. For example it is not affected by regulations of the tobacco industry or
smoking ban in the United Kingdom. Therefore no tobacco duty is charged and the usage inside public buildings
such as shisha lounges and bars is possible without any legal issues.
SHIAZO Shisha Steam-Stones are already available in more than 30 countries around the globe.

For the perfect result we recommend to use flavoured Shiazo. During the production process, we apply our
patented PIM to guarantee the perfect absorption.

General tips and tricks:


  • For the same smoking duration as tobacco, please be aware that you will require approximately 20 % more weight of Shiazo than you would use with tobacco.
  • Shake flavoured Shiazo shortly before use.
  • Use a spoon to dose the perfect amount of Shiazo
  • Heat Shiazo preferably with an electronic charcoal.
  • For a long steaming experience, the heat should be constant and not too hot.
  • Liquid and minerals should not be overheated. A temperatur range of 150-200 °C turned out to be best.
  • For a dense steam the downstem of your shisha pipe should not be more than 2 cm under water.
  • Shiazo is not suitable for human consumption. Please keep Shiazo out of the reach of children.
  • There is no age restriction known by law. We recommend to use Shiazo from the age of 16 years old.